Residual Tension
(for Concert Band)
Composed by Mark E. Wolfram

From the Composer: "Residual Tension" is an original composition for concert band, augmented by a harp and a pianoforte.

The title of the work refers to the leftover energy once a force has been released. Inertia is a form of residual tension as is static electricity. The steam from a hot cup of coffee is the release of tension - and the heat that dissipates from that cup is residual tension. Tension and release surround us and permeate our lives on a daily basis. This composition demonstrates residual tension by employing several devices: dissonace resolving to consonance - heavy complex textures to simple lines - dynamic rhythmic figures to sustained chords... these are but a few of the many examples of tension and release in the score.

"Residual Tension" features angular melodies, colorful sonorities, heterophony, time signature changes, tertian, quartal and serial composition in an exciting blend which is both intellectually satisfying and aesthetically pleasing - in a duration of approximately 7:20.

- Mark Wolfram


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Residual Tension